Levelling and Sloping

Whatever your leveling needs, Applied Coatings can transform even the most uneven surface into a flooring installer’s ideal workspace. We work with the industry’s top suppliers of cementitious leveling compounds in order to offer the best, most cost-effective surface preparation for Vinyl Tile, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Engineered Hardwood, as well as final wear surfaces suitable for use right away as well as leveler that can be polished.

We also offer floor sloping services. Whether you are remediating a low spot, or repurposing a space that requires additional drainage, we provide fast curing options in order to meet your project’s flooring deadlines.

  • Cost effective and fast cure concrete leveling and sloping solutions
  • Knowledgeable, highly skilled and trained individuals
  • The newest and most versatile line of products available
  • Guaranteed performance of all products and labor on every project
  • Commitment to quality work and on time performance