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Our Equipment

Check out all that junk we got inside our trunk. We’ve invested in the best, most efficient equipment available in our industry that will allow us to do any job effectively.

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Nope, we’re not talking about no social media app. We use grinders covered in diamonds to remove any kind of residue on a surface and make it smooth. We’ve got a variety of grinders of all sizes: hand grinders for edge and detail work, mid-sized grinders like the Terrco 3100 SP or large grinders like the Terrco 6200, which we call Big Bertha.

Shot Blasters

Are you gonna throw away your shot? Not with a shot blaster you’re not. These, like the Blastrac 15D, are the optimal tool to prepare and achieve the right surface profile on your floor to create a mechanical bond, which will allow the coating to stick to the concrete. Shot blasters shoot tiny steel balls at the floor that blast off the surface, leaving behind the desired smoothness—or profile.


Floor scrapers are an efficient way to remove off the top layer of your surface, like an old, weathered Traffic Deck Membrane (TDM). They can also be a very therapeutic exercise. Just scrape those old layers off.


In order to get a mechanical bond between the floor and whatever coating we’re applying, we need a surface that’s clean of any dust and debris. We use large-scale vacuums to remove even the finest dust particles, create a dustless work environment and ensure the safety of our crew.

Other tools

We’ve got a lot of other tools that we use regularly, like portable traffic lights, spiked shoes, bush hammers, sand blowers, drills, rollers and notched squeegees. We’re like James Bond with gadgets.