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Industrial Floor Coating

As floor coating contractors, we provide innovating solutions to the toughest problems in concrete coating, concrete floor resurfacing, resinous finishes and protective concrete floor coatings.

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Protecting your floors

No one likes dirty floors, but spills happen, we get it. And when they do, having a coated floor is going to be a lifesaver. Save that extra clean up time, save your beautiful new floor, heck save your sanity, just get that baby coated. Industrial floor coatings are typically polymer-based materials that are applied to a prepared concrete surface.

The best floor coatings

The best types of floor coating are typically the most durable, which are urethane cements and methyl methacrylate (MMA) coatings. Impervious to moisture and any type of bacteria growth, urethane cements are flexible, anti-slip and can be cleaned with only boiling water. MMAs are also extremely durable; they last a long time and can have decorative quartz and flakes added to them for a decorative look. MMAs cure to full service in about one hour, which significantly reduces downtime.

How to apply industrial coatings

As these materials rely on a mechanical bond to concrete, floor preparation is critical for a successful coating installation. We start by shot blasting or grinding the floor down to get a smooth surface. Then we roll out the coating using squeegees and paint rollers. Schedule a site visit. We’ll follow up with a detailed report that includes the proposed scope along with a quote.