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Concrete Polishing and Coating

Shaking the wooster, crack chasing, detailing the ditch. These might sound like terms we picked up on the latest dating app, but they’re actually things we do every day because we’re concrete coating and polishing pros. Yep, there is so such a thing.

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Parkade Resurfacing

Protect your parkade from the elements and get that bounce in your step. A traffic deck membrane (TDM) is a waterproof coat that you roll on your parkade floor to shield the concrete from water, ice, dirt, heat and everything else that Mother Nature might throw at it. It’s a vital layer of protection that keeps your parkade safe as well as looking and feeling gorgeous.

Concrete Polishing

Want your concrete floor so polished you can see your face in it? Done. Polished concrete floors is a decorative floor style has been growing in popularity in stores, industrial spaces and even people’s homes. It’s that smooth surface that reflects the light and brightens the space that makes people go, “Yes, please!” They also happen to be durable, great heat conductors that are easy to maintain.

Industrial Floor Coating

Say it with me: polymer-based materials. This is what’s going to protect your industrial floors from spills, stains, contaminants and bacteria. They’re an ideal solution for hospitals, prisons, labs, auto shops, manufacturing facilities and food services. We know what your space needs and how to install it properly so find out how we can help you.

We're Not Done…Here's What We're Also Capable Of

  • Levelling & Sloping

    Whether you’re building an entrance ramp, remediating a low spot, creating additional drainage or needing proper surface preparation for your floor installation, we’ll help you keep your project on schedule.

  • Concrete Restoration

    We specialize in all areas of concrete repair and preparation, from minor imperfections to major concrete delamination.

  • Expansion Joints

    We supply and install a wide variety of structural expansion joint systems that provide for thermal as well as seismic movement.

The Best Tools For Any Job

Having the right tools is an important of being able to do the job right. We’re always upgrading our equipment, making sure we’ve got the best tools available to do the job at hand. This allows us to work on some of the biggest parkades in the Lower Mainland while still being able to get into some of the tightest squeezes. And they say size doesn’t matter…wait til you meet Big Bertha.