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Parkade Resurfacing

It’s the Cinderella story for parkades. Transform your parking structure from grimy to sublime-y and keep it protected from the ravages of the elements. If the shoe fits…

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Protect your parkade from the elements

Ice. Water. Dirt. Oil. Heat. Tires. Keys. Spilt coffee. These are destructive forces for any concrete structure that over time erode the structural integrity of your parkade. That’s because concrete is like a sponge, absorbing everything you throw at it. What you need is some kind of protective layer that will shield your concrete and absorb all the gunk that threatens it.

Give your parkade a facelift

Enter the traffic deck membrane (TDM). A TDM is a rubbery waterproof layer that you slap on top of your concrete surface to protect it from the elements. But it also makes your parkade look nicer, reassuring people that this is a safe place to park. TDMs last 8 to 15 years before they need a new coat so if you’re spotting cracks, tears and scratches in your TDM, that’s a sign it’s failing.
Early review is important. If repairs are left too long, the only option might to fully remove and replace your TDM, which will significantly increase your costs.

Minimize disruption to your customers

Parkades are high-traffic areas. An important part of resurfacing your parkade is minimizing the disruption to residents or customers so businesses don’t suffer during the time it takes to complete the project. While full closure drastically reduces our time on site, that’s not usually possible. To minimize disruption, we use fast curing materials, work in sections and safely direct traffic.