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Parkade Membrane Restoration: What To Expect As An Owner

BY Lindsay Stroud

The process of communicating your parkade’s concrete restoration job is often easier said than done. It’s straightforward enough to explain to your strata corporation, your residents or patrons that a new parkade membrane is being installed, and that while there may be slight disruption, it is worth the time and investment. However, equipping yourself with the knowledge of what to expect throughout the restoration process can allow for a better flow of communication to those affected (i.e. conveying a timeframe of how long patrons of your parkade should expect the restoration to take).

Today we’ll be discussing exactly what to expect in the lead up to your parkade membrane’s concrete repair and restoration, so you as an owner can convey the information like a true industry professional.


Your parkade membrane restoration will begin with an assessment and evaluation of your parkade’s condition. Using what is known as a chain drag assessment, this process helps contractors to determine sections of the parkade where the concrete may be delaminated or spalled. As the name implies, a chain is dragged across the parkade surface to detect where concrete is compromised. Commercial concrete that is either spalling or delaminated will emit a hollow sound when the chain is dragged over these areas.

A routine physical inspection should also take place during the evaluation process. This can help to identify signs of damage or age, such as improper adhesion surrounding sealant joints. An inspection report is to be drawn up detailing such factors as the degree to which repairs are required or if complete replacement of the parkade membrane is necessary. Further evaluation may be required if a complete replacement should be recommended, including assessing the condition of drainage and venting systems and the effectiveness of waterproofing throughout the parkade.

The contractor hired to conduct the restoration should be approved to install the product and specialize in concrete resurfacing and restoration. A quote should be drawn up by the contractor, outlining close approximations of time frames to complete the restoration and/or installation of the new parkade membrane, as well as an outline of the phases that will take place and how long each phase will take.


To limit the disruption to residents and patrons of your parkade, the restoration and installation of your new parkade membrane may be broken down into phases. During each phase, certain sections of the parkade will remain open while other sections are closed off in order to complete the work within that section. 

This process repeats itself after each repair area is completed and carries well into the installation of the new parkade membrane. In some instances, the complete closure of a parkade may be required if there are concerns surrounding the safety of the structure.

Preparing Residents

Advise residents and patrons ahead of time of the work to be carried out throughout the parkade. Providing tenants with the hours of operation and days of the week for when each phase of work will be taking place and for how long they can expect potential disruptions to occur, is ideal.

Hours of noisy work tend to be normal, if expected throughout standard business hours, whereas on weekends, noisy work should take place in the late morning to mid-afternoon, with no noisy work taking place at all on Sundays.

If alternative entrances and exits are required, plot out where these are to be situated ahead of time and give residents advance notice. In addition, posting signage both throughout the parkade, as well as the location of all entrances and exits throughout the building (and in elevators) will allow residents to better prepare for the noise and disruption.

At Applied Coatings & Restoration Inc., we know the importance of keeping disruptions to a minimum for your residents while working hard to restore and repair your parkade membrane. We can assist in all of your concrete restoration needs. From leaking cracks and waterproofing to concrete repair and concrete polishing, we’ve got you and your parkade covered. Call or click for your custom ACR quote today!

About the author

Lindsay Stroud is a freelance content writer and ghostwriter from Vancouver, Canada. Her published works can be found on Jiyubox and Passion Passport, in addition to producing ghostwritten content for Owl Labs and Wonderment. She is currently accepting new clients. Find her online at or connect with her on LinkedIn.