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Smooth Operators

We’re your parkade resurfacing and concrete polishing experts in the Lower Mainland. Let’s make you proud of your concrete floors.

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25+ Years Keeping You Sure-Footed

Resurfacing. Polishing. Grinding. Scraping. We’re the experts in everything concrete. You could say that’s our baby. And for over 25 years, we’ve been delivering quality work on some of the biggest projects in the Lower Mainland.

Minimal Disruptions To Keep The Good Vibes Going

Worried about shaking up people’s routines while we work on your floors? Don’t be. You see, we realize you can’t just shut down your whole operation while you’re getting your concrete floors polished or coated. That’s why we work fast and efficiently, use the fastest-drying materials available and plan every job to a T, all to minimize disruptions on your operations. We’re like portable traffic control: we create intersections wherever we need.

We Don’t Take the Short Road

Attention to detail and a skillful touch—you can’t fake those. They come from years of experience on the job. But they also come from the pride we take in our work, in the level of excellence we bring to every project, in the perfection we demand from ourselves. We stand by our work with pride and conviction.

This is our promise to you: we don’t just get the job done—we get it done right.

We Resurface Parkades — no matter the SEASON

Ice. Water. Salt. Oil. Dirty feet. These are corrosive forces that, over time, erode the structural integrity of your parkade, causing it to break down worse than the Canucks defending a lead in the third period. While everyone else might take off to the slopes or the beaches, we stick around in every season to protect your parkade from all the elements.

The Best Tools For Any Job

Having the right tools is an important of being able to do the job right. We’re always upgrading our equipment, making sure we’ve got the best tools available to do the job at hand. This allows us to work on some of the biggest parkades in the Lower Mainland while still being able to get into some of the tightest squeezes. And they say size doesn’t matter…wait til you meet Big Bertha.